Privacy Policy

User Accounts

How your Information will be used

We will use your contact information to contact you on topics which specifically affect your account.  This may include, but not restricted to:

  • Suspicious activity
  • Password changes
  • Payment requests

Other information we request on sign up may be used to personalise your account and prioritise the data that you see.

The information in your accounts can be changed at any time, either through the Account section, or through the chat at the bottom right of every page on the site.  DeepMail will make necessary changes within 3 days of the request, but will often be much sooner.


How your data will not be used

We will not:

  • Share your data with any third party
  • Nobody at DeepMail will have access to your full account details


File Uploads

When a file is uploaded for a bulk request, the file is read and then immediately deleted.


Browser Extension

DeepMail’s browser extension lets you use parts of the service wherever you are online.  DeepMail collects domains of sites visited to help build the service, but does not record which user visited the site.


Data distributed through DeepMail

The data that DeepMail distributes through its service is collected through crawling the web.  Some data that is sold has not been found and is predicted. We also use other methods such as mailbox pings and manually gathered information.  We only crawl sites that allow it and will never sell personal information like gmail, hotmail or yahoo email addresses or person phone numbers. If we have your work contact information, and you wish for it to be removed, please click the “Opt-out” button at the bottom of the home page